Lets go Riding

arrow Monthly club meetings are held from March to November. During each club meeting, a volunteer will be asked to schedule a club ride that will take place the following month. Club rides are held on the Saturday after a club meeting. Please contact Jim Bender (Club President) for more information.

arrow All club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month and start promptly at 7:00 P.M.

arrow Ride destinations will be finalized after considering weather, trail conditions and members present that morning.

arrow Remember your input as a club member is very important. If you cannot attend meetings, please let your officers or other club members know your concerns so they can be discussed.

arrow Upcoming Club Rides and Events!
October 11, 2018...
Arrow OLD BUSINESS: Dan gave an update on the Sept 15 rally with the funds that came from the prize tickets, chineese raffle, food booth. We had a very successful rally again this year that’s thanks to all the help we receive from our members.
Jim updated the meeting on the progress that has been made with the County Hwy Dept on riding on Hwy H. The town of Delta approved the portion of Hwy H that connections with the Town of Iron River. They presented their approval to the Hwy Commission Board it then went to the Sherriff to look over. The last hurdle will be the Hwy Commission to present this to the Bayfield County Board on Oct 30, 18 meeting, Jim Bender plans on attending in case there are any questions.
Arrow NEW BUSINESS: Rod discussed the warranty on the new tractor is about to expire. There was some discussion amongst the club and a motion was made by Ed and Seconded by Sherry to have Rod and a committee of three go over the contract and come up with a plan to select. Motion carried.
Next business was to pick a date and place for this year’s Christmas Party. There was some discussion and they picked Hyde’s Supper Club on December 12th the second Wednesday of December when we usually hold our meeting. There was a motion made by Gerry Walthers and seconded by Sherry W.