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Bayfield County ATV MapHave you ever just wanted to jump on your ATV and go somewhere new? Perhaps you were a little concerned that you may venture down a series of back-country trails and not know the best way back. Thanks to the Bayfield County Tourism office, Avenza PDF Maps and the Trails North ATV’ers, we have just what you need!

Avenza MapsATV’ing over new terrain will be a lot easier now with the addition of downloadable “Tracks” (available below) from the Trails North ATV Club. Along with the help of the free Avenza Maps App downloaded to your mobile device, you can be assured of always knowing where you are on the trail and safely finding your way home. The information below will help to explain how to download (import) “ATV Tracks” to your smart phone or tablet. These instructions were based on using an Android/Apple smart phone. Some devices may have a slightly different downloading procedure.

DISCLAIMER: Product names provided are for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement from the Trails North ATV’ers.

No Boundary Trail

To begin, you will first need to perform the following two steps:

1) Install the Avenza Maps App on your mobile device.

2) Install the Bayfield County ATV Map into Avenza Maps. For detailed instructions on how to install both the Avenza Maps App and the Bayfield County ATV map, click “here.”

Now that the “above” installation requirements are complete and you have the Avenza Maps App and the Bayfield County ATV map aleady installed, lets get started! Select from the available ATV tracks list provided below:

A) If viewing the list of ATV tracks (seen below) from a computer: After attaching your device to your computer, left click on the track file you want to download and navigate to where you want to save the track on your device and select “Save.”. Make sure to note the folders name (on your devise ) where you download the track file. You will need this information in a latter step.

B) If viewing the list of ATV tracks from a mobile devise: Press on the track file you wish to download. Normally, the default folder for downloads goes to your devices “/Internal storage/Download/” folder.

After you have followed the install requirements outlined above, click “here” to see how to
import your downloaded ATV track into the Avenza Maps App

Northern Portion of the Bayfield County ATV/UTV Trail System

The Grand Tour ~ All the above ATV tracks ~ (455 miles) ~ Snapshot

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