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There & Back Again

   Im-LostIf your like me and I assume a few others, we need a little geographic help. I’m referring to being on the trails or in the woods and experiencing a little confusion on the best direction to proceed. If your a little timid about venturing out into the woods without the help of others or just need a little confidence builder, I have a good remedy to ensure you will always be returning home in time for dinner. If the above premise somewhat describes you, the information below may just be what you need to ensure the next time you head out into the woods for an ATV outing or hunting excursion, you will not only get there, but also safely back again.

Where-AM-IComputer tablets and smartphones have made finding your way along the trail very easy. I’m NOT referring to hand held GPS units but rather using Bayfield County & U.S. Forest Service “Trail Maps” that show a much larger image on your tablet of smartphone. I use AVENZA MAPS. Although there are other applications available, I needed a system that “loads” all the maps into my device. This eliminates the need for an Internet connection. These maps will not only show you the ATV trails in your area, they will also pin-point your exact location and allow you to set a way-point and track (also called a bread crumb trail) that will allow you to return the way you traveled or save your route to be followed at a later time. In the information below, I’ll discuss the Avenza Maps App.

DISCLAIMER: Product names provided are for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement from the Trails North ATV’ers.

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