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Trails North ATV

Trails North ATV’ers Inc. ~ By Laws

1: Robert’s rules of order shall govern the parliamentary proceedings of this club unless otherwise provided in these by laws. The order of business shall be: 1. Roll call 2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting 3. Treasurer’s Report 4. Reports of Officers 5. Old Business 6. New Business


2: Membership dues are to be paid by the April meeting. The price of membership dues for the following year will be decided and voted on by the members present during the April annual meeting.

3: The Treasurer and President or Vice President will check and approve or disapprove all bills presented to the club. The Treasurer and President or Vice President must sign checks for payment of bills.


4: Applications for membership must be recommended by 2 active members of the club. Upon payment of dues, applicant will be placed on probation for one month. At the expiration of that time, his/her conduct being satisfactory, he/she becomes a member in good standing.

5: Only active members shall be eligible to hold office in the club.


6: Any member who is over 6 month behind in his dues may be dropped.

7: A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the club, but charges must first be made in writing and the accused member given a hearing before the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall take evidence and report its findings to the club with the recommendation that the charges be considered proven and the member be expelled, or the charges be considered not proven and the accused remain a club member. The club shall then vote to decide whether or not to adopt the Executive Board’s recommendation. It shall require a 2/3 vote of the active members present and entitled to vote, to veto the recommendations of the Executive Board. An officer may be relieved from office for not performing their duties only after the club has listened to the evidence and have been fully informed of the circumstances. It shall require a 2/3 vote of the active members present, and entitled to vote, to remove that officer from the office. The club’s Executive Board shall then appoint a club member in good standing to finish the removed officer’s term.


8: Amendments to the adopted Constitution and By Laws may be added, provided that such amendments are adopted in accordance with Article 13 of the constitution.

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