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for Friday, May 12, 2017

The Forest Service has lifted the spring closure order as of May 2, 2017 and all trails (ATV, horse, hiking and mountain biking) are open for the season.

* Valhalla Recreation Area (Valkyrie & Teuton Trails)
* Drummond Ski/CAMBA Trailhead
* Horseshoe Lake Pack Saddle Trail
* Bayfield County ATV Trails (May 11, 2017)
* Forest Service ATV Trails

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The Forest Service will be conducting a prescribed burn along the Buckskin Trail and CAMBA Trail on Sunday, May 7, 2017 and Monday, May 8, 2017. In order to safely conduct the prescribed burn in this area, a portion of the Buckskin Trail and the CAMBA Trail will be closed until Tuesday, May 9, 2017. The temporary trail re-route is highlighted in blue on the map below with the following descriptions of the re-route locations. Read More!

Meet and GreetTrails North ATV Club will hold its annual "Meet and Greet for Safety" on May 27th to promote ATV/UTV safety.

Beginning at 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, adjacent to one of our member sponsors, the Other Place Bar & Grill in Iron River, members will be on hand to answer questions, and give advice and/or directions. Information on safety will be on hand, as well as trail maintenance equipment. Stop in to sign up for safety related prizes that will be given away all day, such as helmets, goggles and gloves, as well as enjoying complimentary snacks, coffee and soft drinks. Our meet and greet Trails North members and Trail Patrol Ambassadors will be there to encourage ATV’ers to ride safer. The photo shows visitors and club members at last year’s Meet and Greet Safety Awareness event. Currently the Trail North

ATV Club ( club is maintaining a total of 72.4 miles of Bayfield County and U.S. Forest Service trails. Last year the club logged in well over 300 hours on the trail either signing, grading or cleaning up after summer storms. We have 5 members that are U.S. Forest Service Certified Sawyers (chain saw operators), and we are also instrumental in prepping the trail system for winter snowmobile use.

This year we are starting a “Slow Down and Enjoy Program” where we are placing small stuffed animals along the trails. These stuffed animals will have a certificate attached to them which are redeemable for gift certificates and merchandise that have been donated by the club and our member sponsors. We are doing this in an attempt to get people to slow down while riding to enjoy the beauty of our forests and, in turn, ride safer and patronize our member sponsors.

Stop in to meet and greet our members and Trail Patrol Ambassadors.

Hello Trails North ATV Members!

On April 27th there will be a Special Intention Mass at St, Michael Catholic Church at 8:30 AM. All are invited to offer prayers and support for Bob Ritchie. I will provide coffee after Mass and will have a limited supply of snacks, so if anyone would like to bring a snack it would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim Sloane

Short Video March 8th Meeting
Lets Go ATV Riding!
Liquor in the Woods (Boogies Iron River Saloon)
Lets Go for A Ride
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The Trails North ATV Club will soon be taking orders from our members who would like to purchase a "custom embroidered club jacket."
Trails North Embroidered Jackets


Arrow SchwansThe fundraising campaign period for "Trails North ATV Club" has ended, but you can continue to earn 5% for another 90 days. Post an update and encourage your team and supporters to continue to shop with Schwan's in support of your campaign.

imageArrow The Trails North ATV website now has a short promotional video called “Who We Are.” Check it out!

What a great year it has been for the Trails North ATV’ers. Our members have taken some great pictures that highlight the fun and frolic they have experienced riding in the north woods. Using these pictures, a new photo gallery has recently been added to our website. When time permits, please take a look at “Memories from 2016 .”

imageArrow Please also look at the “new” version of the “Why Join Trails North” video. Look for its link under the Hot Topics section of our website.


Old Blue

Click "here" to view a short video of
a real workhorse for our ATV trails maintenance program.

Bayfield County ATV MapsAvenza LogoArrow One of the presentations at our recent meeting was to introduce a smart phone and tablet App called Avenza Maps. This free mapping program will show your location on the trail and also leave a “track” highlighting your direction of travel. For those who may need just a little help in locating your position, this is one addition to your mobile device that you may want to consider. Did I mention that all the maps saved to your device are in a pdf format that do NOT require an Internet connection? You only need a mobile device that has a GPS location function and your set to go.

The Trails North ATV website now provides information regarding the Avenza Map App and instructions on how to download specific maps like the "Bayfield County ATV" map and to record GPS tracks as you travel. Do you have any questions? If so, come to the next Trails North ATV meeting and discuss this with our website coordinator Frank Stone.

Check it out:

imageArrow Trails North Website Update ~ The Trails North ATV'ers website manager has recently uploaded a new website design for our club. Our new member, Frank Stone has taken on the task of designing and now managing our website. However, the website needs your input/ideas to help insure its a more user friendly ATV tool. The website needs a more robust collection of pictures from previous ATV rides as well as any special events that were hosted by the club. One of our goals is to highlight the great work being conducted by our club members that has helped to benefit our community. Are their any features that you would like to see included in the website? Do you see any sections of the site that need more information? To help make it something special for our members as well as the ATV community, we need your input. Please contact Frank, he would love to hear from you. Frank Stone's contact information:


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