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Arrow Trail Grooming Activities Short Video

Saturday May 26 the Club will be holding the annual Safety Stop in front of the OP from 9-4. Stop in for information, water and pop and snacks, register to win prizes donated from our local sponsors . New this year is a Poker Run starting Friday and ending with cards being drawn from 5-7 on Sunday. Have a safe Memorial weekend

Arrow Bayfield County trails will open on Friday May 18, 2018!

Arrow Rod AbbasCongratulations Trails North Atver's! You are the final winner of the 2017 Team Winnebagoland Off-Road Trail Grant! With 100 miles of trails and even more active members, maintaining and improving trail conditions is a full time job for Trails North. This $1,000 will go towards a much needed equipment update, meaning more smiles on the faces of trail riders like us! We are stoked to get to help out and even more excited to watch as your vision for your trail system becomes a reality!

Happy trail riding!

-Team Winnebagoland: Wisconsin's Off-Road Headquarters

2017 Summertime Fun Video Short Video

imageArrow Please also look at the “new” version of the “Why Join Trails North” video. Look for its link under the Hot Topics section of our website.


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Click "here" to view a short video of
a real workhorse for our ATV trails maintenance program.

Bayfield County ATV MapsAvenza LogoArrow One of the presentations at our recent meeting was to introduce a smart phone and tablet App called Avenza Maps. This free mapping program will show your location on the trail and also leave a “track” highlighting your direction of travel. For those who may need just a little help in locating your position, this is one addition to your mobile device that you may want to consider. Did I mention that all the maps saved to your device are in a pdf format that do NOT require an Internet connection? You only need a mobile device that has a GPS location function and your set to go.

The Trails North ATV website now provides information regarding the Avenza Map App and instructions on how to download specific maps like the "Bayfield County ATV" map and to record GPS tracks as you travel. Do you have any questions? If so, come to the next Trails North ATV meeting and discuss this with our website coordinator Frank Stone.

Check it out:

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