Trails North ATV

Trails North ATV
Monthly Meetings

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Trails North 2021 Meeting Schedule
All meetings start at 7pm

  • July 14th Monthly Club Meeting – Woody’s Food & Spirits (Herbster)

  • July 18th Annual Club Picnic Ride: Location: Drummond pavilion

  • August 11th Monthly Club Meeting – White River Saloon (Mason)

  • September 8th Monthly Club Meeting – Tri-Lake Timbers Resort

  • Sept 18th Annual Fall Fund Raiser

  • October 13th Monthly Club Meeting – Side Street Saloon

  • November 10th Monthly Club Meeting – Iron River VFW

Green Arrow All club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month and are held from March to November.

Remember your input as a club member is very important. If you cannot attend meetings, please let your officers or other club members know your concerns so they can be discussed.

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