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July 14th 

  • Trail Closure: John (Moyer) from the South Shore Trails Club joined us to provide an update on an upcoming closure of trail effective August 1st, 2021. This closure will extend along the lower portion of trail 40 where it connects to trail 43, near Seven-Mile Rd. impacting the trail from Almstead Rd to 900 ft north of the 40/43 junction. John believes his club will have sufficient manpower to post “dead end” signage on either side of this privately owned land. This closure is largely due to the abuse caused by logging trucks; however, trail riders are now also being restricted. There is an outside chance that a reroute may be addressed in 2022, if at all. John will keep us posted on any progress. Watch for closure signs if in the area.

  • Rod Abbas asked about our tractors being used in the Blueberry Parade and Roger Knabe and Rod A. will work together to get the placement of these machines (and our group) lined up in the parade scheduled for Sunday, July 25th.

  • Next month’s club ride will be led by Kristina Sorensen. Date may be changed from the 14th (as that is the weekend of the Bayfield County Fair). Details to be announced at the next meeting.

    • Sunday, July 25th is the date of the Blueberry Festival parade. In addition to our tractors (with club signage mounted), club ATV/UTV riders are encouraged to participate. Look for our tractors in the staging area just south of highway 2 near Bretting’s plant. Staging begins around 11 AM and the parade starts at noon. For those participating, Julie Bender will have treats to hand out to kids along the parade route.

      • Additionally, our Club is sponsoring the tractor pull event.

      • The Lion’s Club is looking for volunteers to help with rides, food, raffle ticket sales, games, etc. There is no pay this year but you can earn 2 tickets for free beer! To volunteer look for the volunteer SignUp Genius link at: or contact Anne Madison at (715) 372-5253,

  • Sunday, July 18th (Note date and time changes!), Jim Bender will lead the Club’s Annual Picnic Ride from the Auto Parts Store in Iron River to the lakeside pavilion in Drummond. Rod Abbas will be at the Auto Parts Store at 9:30 AM and will take any side dishes, etc. to the picnic area for us while we ride. Group departure is 10 AM. The slightly earlier start will also allow for the picnic to conclude so members can continue the ride (if they so choose) to Doorn’s Inn in Barnes where there will be a meat raffle at 2PM to support Fishin’ Chicks.

    • If you have not already RSVP’d to Rod Abbas please do so ASAP at (715) 813-7025 or email Let him know how many are riding with you and what side dish you can supply (deserts are needed).

  • The Bayfield County Fair is still in need of volunteers. We earn $5 per hour per volunteer for the Club, plus you earn a free pass to the fair for working a 3-hour shift. Please call Ursula Garrison, Fair Coordinator, at 715-373-3493. She will mail/email you a form to fill out. Additional information can be found by going to where you can also find a link to shifts available.

  • Staining of the new pavilion: Jim is putting together a list of volunteers to help stain the new pavilion on Flagg Road near the Battle Axe intersection. If you can help, please let Jim know. The stain has been ordered (by Bayfield County Forestry) and once it is in a date to stain will be determined based on volunteer availability.

  • Nancy Reijo is currently distributing some very nice posters (fewer beer ads, more off-road-centric pictures), for our Fall Fund Raiser, Sept 18th at the Other Place Bar & Grill. This year we are actively seeking someone to oversee the food-concession area. You would be responsible to oversee the booth, help purchase, prepare and sell food items, and coordinate your volunteers. Please consider stepping up to manage this very important (but easy) portion of our event. We have experienced folks willing to provide history and suggest guidance. Contact Nancy at (715) 815-1003 or email her at if you are interested or can assist.


July 9th ~ Trails North ATV Annual Club Picnic News 


Because of a conflicting group ride out of Birch Grove on Saturday, our picnic ride has been rescheduled to SUNDAY, July 18th. Our ride will also include a (optional) post-picnic ride to Doorns for the Fishin’ Chicks Meat Raffle (2-4 PM).

Ride Details:

Rod A has reserved the picnic shelter in Drummond for our annual club picnic. Jim B will be leading the ride on SUNDAY, July 18th. Meet at the Parts Store in Iron River at 9:30 AM, departing at 10:00. An earlier start will ensure our picnic-fun is complete prior to the meat raffle. The club is providing meat and buns for the grill. We each provide sides to share: salads, snacks, deserts, etc. BYO beverages. Rod will be transporting sides; bring anything you need transported to the Parts Store prior to the ride!

Rod is requesting all those who plan to attend PLEASE RSVP by Tuesday (July 13th) so he knows how much food to purchase. Also, please indication what side you are planning to provide – this way we can try to prevent duplicate dishes.

Text (or call) Rod Abbas at (715) 813-7025 or email him at

Special Fundraiser for Trails North
July 11, 2021 3pm Scenic Drive Resort

  • A meat raffle will be held at Scenic Drive on July 11 starting at 2:30.  
    You must be present to buy meat raffle tickets and to win. All members are encouraged to attend.  You may also invite others to attend, so pass the info on! All proceeds from the meat raffle will be donated to Trails North ATV Club.
  • Also, Scenic Drive Resort is raffling off two tickets for “Rock Fest,” in Cadott Wisconsin, July 17.  A drawing will be held July 11 for these tickets at Scenic Drive, 6pm.  You can buy drawing tickets Thursday, July 8th through Sunday 11th. You do not need to be present to win.

Any questions, call Jim Bender at (715) 372-8753

June 6th ~


  1. All trails have now been groomed at least once. Rod Laakso will begin a second pass on the northern trails this coming week.

  2. Scott Killian is will begin training on the tractor so he can join our trail crew – thanks Scott! (We could use more help on the trail crew. If you are interested, please contact Roger.)

  3. We are down to one tractor right now, as the newest one just went into the shop today (problems with the lift arms). The drag for the old tractor needs new tires (should be here June 10th), but otherwise that tractor is still up and running.

  4. A section of trail we have been maintaining will be closed as of August 1st. This is near Lenawee Lake & trails 43/63 (in the Old Baldy area). The land is privately owned and the owner is closing it to ATV use as of Aug 1st. A detour and new trail will eventually be built but may not be ready for at least a year. Watch for closure signs if in the area.

  5. Homeowners along Half Moon Lake and Hwy H have voiced complaints about ATV traffic crossing their driveways. While we cannot manage all riders, please be considerate and, should the opportunity avail itself, remind others to ride responsibly. Roger is working with the homeowners; however, failure of riders to be respectful could result in loss of use. Currently, this unofficial trail alongside Hwy H connects riders from Wayside Rd to Half Moon Lake/Moon Lake and Moon Lake Park where Hwy H is otherwise not open to ATV traffic.

  6. The Tri-County Corridor is in need of grooming, especially in the Iron River area; however, the Tri-County Corridor Commission has not gotten back to Roger. At last report, the Commission was to grade the Corridor from Ashland to Superior but we have not seen evidence of this in the Iron River area. Our club is not permitted to do this grooming without the Commission’s authorization. Jim Bender will take for action and contact the Tri-County Corridor Commission directly to obtain more information.

  7. A motion was made to accept July 17th for the Club Picnic Ride by Jeanne Hultman and seconded by Bobbe Clark. The motion carried  unanimously.
  8. Rod Abbas asked about staining the new pavilion at Flag Rd and Battle Axe. Jim has a list of volunteers but is just waiting for the stain to be delivered.
  • Dates to Remember:

    July 14th Monthly Club Meeting – Woody’s Food & Spirits (Herbster)

    July 18th Annual Club Picnic Ride: Location: Drummond pavilion. 

    August 11th Monthly Club Meeting – White River Saloon (Mason)

    September 8th Monthly Club Meeting – Tri-Lake Timbers Resort

    Sept 18th Annual Fall Fund Raiser

    October 13th Monthly Club Meeting – Side Street Saloon

    November 10th Monthly Club Meeting – Iron River VFW

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